By Cindy & Roseanne & Denise

Cindy's Time With Tinkerbelle

Chapter One

We got Tinkerbell from a shelter in Kansas. She had been removed from her owner for neglect and abuse. She was so matted she couldn't walk and was filthy from head to toe. She had bladderstones and a terrible bladder infection that had gone on for a long time. The poor little girl only weighed around 6 lbs and had to sit at the shelter for 2 months while the case was heard. A dear rescue friend sprung her from the shelter the day they won the case and brought her to us.


Roseanne's Time with Tinkerbelle

Chapter Two

Tinkerbelle arrived here to start her vet work to try to get her back to health. She could barely walk because she had been matted up so long she hadn't had the use of her rear legs in a long time. She was cleaned up and checked by the vet and spayed. Then we tried to get her healthy enough for the bladderstone surgery. Tinkerbelle slowly got better. Her walking improved and she could make it all the way down the hall without falling over or needing to be carried. Finally we felt she was up to the surgery and they removed the bladderstones. She had hundreds of tiny stones and just had to have been miserable. The surgery was a success and she healed well and the stones didn't return.

Tinkerbelle was so sweet and such a character. She just demanded love and attention! It was just beyond understanding how anyone could have let this precious baby get into such bad shape! The longer she was with me the more sure I was that she was "SPECIAL". Since Tinkerbelle was an older dog, we knew she would stay in foster a long time before she would find the right home so when she was as well as she was likely to get for awhile, she went to live with Denise who had the doggie senior center for the rescue.

It was a sad day for me when Denise's Mom came to pick up Tinkerbelle and take her to Denise but I knew Denise would fall in love with her too. I predicted it wouldn't be long at all and Denise would be saying "This one is never leaving" and I was right!


Denise's Time with Tinkerbelle

Chapter Three

Tinkerbell was delivered to me by my Mom and her new husband on their way home from Kansas. They knew that I would fall totally in love with her from the beginning and they were right.
Ms. Tinks, as she became known to us, walked into my house like she owned the place. She was so little! But oh, how precious.

Tinks loved to be held and cuddled and often would ask to be picked up. She also loved to give kisses, lots and lots of kisses. She would let you hold her like a little baby and I was more than happy to cart her along any place that I went.
She was a little unsteady on her back legs when she first arrived, but soon became stronger and more mobile. She also LOVED to eat and often asked for seconds and thirds!

I can't really tell you why this little tiny dog worked her was so deeply into my heart, and I could never understand some human being not wanting to do everything possible to care for this totally loving and precious Shih Tzu.

Tinkerbell was one of those "once in a life time" dogs. If you are very, very lucky, you know what I mean. She got sick so quick and left me so suddenly. My heart has never ached so badly. Tinkerbell deserves no less that total heartbreak. I never really knew another like her, so small and so spunky, so loving and cute. I will miss her always.

Tinkerbell, I can't wait to see you again.


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